10 Laughable Tumblr Blogs You Need to Follow

Tumblr has never stopped to attract a wide range of community with its microblogging system. Since its development in 2007, it has reached almost 287.6 million blogs with no less than 555 million visitors that come here monthly. You can post any kind of media you want at Tumblr, or create some blog of your own choice and desire or even interact with numerous other Tumblr users. And if you are looking for funny dose on Tumblr, then following are must follow blogs for you!


It has reached to the heights or Everest in laughter provision and is really a popular blog if you want to witness something hilarious. Moreover they add pictures and humorous stuff daily and several times in a single day. It is going to fill your timeline with some funny stuff to make your day.


Omg-humour really has omg in it so be ready to find some hilarious memes, rage comics and hell lot of demotivational stuff in your timelines that has the capability to give you a stomach-ache soon enough.


Whether you are a fan of sports or not, you are going to enjoy it evenly and to your fullest. They provide funny images and gifs related to your favorite sportsmen throughout the day to keep you entertaining all the time.

Cat Area

They post images about cats. Not only images but related to their daily life activities that will make you end up in either saying; ‘omg, it is so cute’ or ‘lol, what you think you were trying to do’. Both of them can give you a sweet dose of fun when going through your timeline.

Srs Funny

They know every occasion and most importantly they don’t even miss any! They will be posting every kind of hilarious stuff that you can easily related and turn up your laughing mode in seconds.


Hilarious or Awkward? You can find it here. They keep on posting interesting stuff so if you are not able to manage your daily visit to buzzfeed, then probably you should follow it to keep your timeline updated with the interesting stuff.

Daily Meme

Daily memes and rage comics! They have tried to keep things simple so that user can enjoy the photos of celebrities and other fictional character without a distraction. If there is anything that has been funny for one reason or the other, you can find it at the daily meme for sure. They also post funny quotations and hilarious photo shoots every now and then.


This blog is really committed to posting interesting and amusing pictures of every conceivable style taken from Reddit. It also manages to post various film and clasp screenshots, toon characters and related trolling images, troll images and most importantly comic scenes from daily life routines.


This blog is purely dedicated to animal comedy! It has lots of funny animal pictures related to almost every animal present in the world. You can also save your favorites in your mobile to show them to your pets!

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