13 Funny Instagram Accounts to Look at When You’re Sad (or Bored)

If you are at Instagram then why miss the fun element from your daily life? Instagram is full of jokes and memes and trolling stuff if you have followed the real comic posters. Here are few funny Instagram accounts that you must follow if you are looking for some humorous stuff.


She is a granny who keeps on posting hilarious stuff all day long. She takes sarcasm to a whole new level in a trendy way.


But yes, she has a job that she does. She never forgets to post funny image and memes on her insta account. Nevertheless, she has some enormous fan following to prove that she is doing the perfect job.


She is not a kid anymore may be this is the way that her images and photos never forget to make me laugh. You definitely need to follow her despite the fact the some of her jokes may pass above your head without giving you a glimpse of whatever she was referring.


Buzzfeed is really a buzz everywhere, from its website to its each and every social media presence. Instagram is also no exception to it. They keep on posting funny images and memes all day long to keep you occupied.


There literally is a reason that he has 2 million followers! And he is definitely going to entertain you with most inappropriate and humorous stuff on the whole Instagram.


He is a famous celebrity who keeps on posting random stuff that can drive you in nuts with its comedy.


And this guy loves to Photoshop himself in celebrities and then post these images. Believe me, they are so hilarious that you might even want to screenshot them.


And then these are those miserable men who had to go for shopping against their wills. Their reactions and incidents that keep following are hell miserable to watch! Good choice to follow.


The name says it all! These are cats and then they are with cash; not only with good amount of cash, have these cats loved to pose with piles of money to entertain a huge community of 77 k individuals.


Parenthood and kids have never found a better funny account. They post all stuff about kids and their funny activities and definitely how it goes with parenthood.


If you ever have been in some awkward situation in your flight, beware because this account is going to post such incidents to its Instagram account.


If you really like the idea of vines then this is a must follow account for you. They find the best vines and then post them. A huge contribution for the fans of vines.


They have two dogs that are eligible to entertain you to your fullest by their cuteness. Some call them ugly but cute, let us see what you will want to say them.

These are not even the 1 percent of whole hilarious accounts that you can follow but definitely these are among the best ones.

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