Funniest Hipster Memes

Funniest Hipster Memes

A hipster is defined as someone who is adamant that he or she is ahead of the curve, or isn’t influenced by social trends. So they don’t use cell phones, or they harvest their own coffee beans, or they only wear organically sourced shoes. Stuff that makes them different (read: annoying) is basically the life blood of a hipster. Because hipsters are such a special breed, there are naturally tons of memes about them.

Hipster Coffee


This joke never gets old. Hipsters are notorious for saying, “I liked ___ before it was cool.” Thus the coffee joke was born, and it’s comedic gold. There are also similar memes that have this same image with captions like, “Orders a cookie with his coffee, but calls it a biscotti,” or “Got this tattoo to represent his love of coffee.”

Hipster Disney


These famous Disney princesses have been used a lot to make hipster jokes, and it’s pretty great. Not only does it make the Disney princesses seem entirely different, but it pokes fun at the hipster culture by putting a pair of large glasses on every princess’ face. Other jokes include Belle saying, “I read the book before the movie,” or Pocahontas saying, “I only paint with the colors of the wind.”

Hipster Jesus


These memes may be in bad taste for some folks, but for most, they are pure greatness! There are tons of memes similar to these, involving Jesus saying things like “It’s called the Old Testament, I doubt you’ve heard of it.” Of course, these are bound to offend a few people, so share with caution!

Sad Hipster Guy


There are tons of applications for this meme, and all of them are hilarious. Other ones are “Sad hipster just found out his favorite band won a Grammy,” or “Sad hipster sad when someone buys the same outfit as him.”

Hipster Peer Pressure


This is a pretty amazing meme, considering the nature of peer pressure is to get you to do something everyone else is doing. Another variation of this one is “Hipster peer pressure: Come on, it’s not even cool yet.” This is a great thing to share with your one hipster friend, and it’s even funnier because they don’t want to actually get you into what they like because “that’s too mainstream”!

Hipster TV Shows


Because so many new TV shows and movies are stealing storylines and plots from older shows, there are tons of hipster memes to be found. Buffy, one of the best TV shows ever in our humble opinion, just hates the new Twilight craze. Other memes include Shakespeare saying, “I killed off all my characters before Game of Thrones.”

Too Underground


These memes are always hilarious because there are so many of them. It applies to farmers, dogs (who bury their bones), and even hipster music. “It’s so underground,” is a pretty common refrain from hipsters in case you were wondering, and it makes for great jokes.

Hello, fellow meme makers and lovers! This website is all about memes, but we decided to take a different approach to them. Like anthropologists, we like to study why a meme is so popular, and what exactly people are making memes about. This very scientific approach to the meme culture is probably a weird way to spend our downtime, but it’s a good thing we’ve got readers who seem to enjoy what we put out there!

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