Our Reasons

Hello, fellow meme makers and lovers! This website is all about memes, but we decided to take a different approach to them. Like anthropologists, we like to study why a meme is so popular, and what exactly people are making memes about. This very scientific approach to the meme culture is probably a weird way to spend our downtime, but it’s a good thing we’ve got readers who seem to enjoy what we put out there!

This whole website started as a shared blog rant about memes and why they were all the rage. We started this about 3 years ago, and it’s grown into a daily blog post and share, along with a “meme of the day” every day. That takes a lot of work, actually, so we appreciate you reading and sharing the content we create. So more about us….

“We” are composed of 6 friends, and we won’t waste your time with our names. We all went to college together, graduating with various degrees in information technology, digital art, etc. Four of us got employed by the same company right after graduation, and the other 2 started freelancing right out of the gates. Eventually, we all came together with our mutual expertise and mutual desire to start an online business.


Naturally, we had no idea what we were doing, so we just started browsing the Internet. Now, we all have separate “jobs” online; two of us run an online apparel store, two of us blog full time, and two of us run this website full time. Everyone pitches in from time to time. We can’t really explain why we chose meme creation and trend tracking as our website of choice, but we knew that memes were “too hot to handle” at the time. Plus we were fascinated by how fast memes popped up.

Think about it – if something even remotely funny happens in the world, the meme creators of the world are on in it a flash. We want to give these people the props they deserve! Watching the news and Internet clips all day long can’t be easy (we would know!). So we created this website, and we spend all day tracking the meme creators who spend all day tracking the meme content. Pretty exciting stuff.

We also discuss memes, their history, and the concerns with creating memes. If you’ve ever searched for this kind of information before, you know it’s hard to come by. So we decided to provide the information. We know people who have actually been charged with plagiarism and sued for creative property damages because they created a meme with an image or video that wasn’t their own. When we heard about that, we thought it was really necessary to start sharing this information. Nobody wants to go to court over a stupid meme they created in 3 minutes on their computer!

So there you have it. We’re a group of 6 friends who share a passion for memes and meme makers.