Top 10 Meme Generators to Use Online

It doesn’t matter if you are inspired by the idea of memes or not, or you don’t like them or even they are not understandable for you, they will stay here forever. Memes are spread like fire on most of the social media and meme sites and it will be a treat if you can also make some memes on your own. So, if you are interested in designing memes on your own, here are some of the reliable generators, and tools that will help you in making memes.


Imgur in an in-house tool of Reddit to develop memes. It therefore has a huge selection of images and gifs for you. After selecting the desired image you can add caption to it with the abilities available for creating a new meme as well as previous examples of memes to give you an idea.


It is home for various popular characters to which you can add caption and then share them on Reddit or any other social media of your choice.


Somehow a copy of Reddit but still has capability to create new memes. Apart from this, you can also enjoy images that are getting viral on various social media networks.

Meme Dad

It is more likely similar to livememe with an extra ability feature; no watermark, no add! Here as well, you can post your meme on Reddit after its creation.


It is a gif creation tool as well as a meme creation tool with a lot of additional features. Font and font’s size can be customized in Imgflip. Secondly, pen and pencil can be used for drawing on the image. Last but not the least, you can multiple instances of text boxes in the meme by Imgflip.

Rage Comic Builder

This site allows you to play with different rage characters by adding hilarious content onto them then this is the place for you. is also a meme generator similar to various other generators like quickmeme with most of the functionalities same as them.


If you know some Photoshop skills then making your meme this way is more convenient and you can edit it till you are satisfied completely. If you don’t really know any photoshop skills then you need not worry because a good tutorial for few hours can give you enough knowledge required for meme creation. An important advantage of Photoshop is that you don’t have to worry about watermarks and ads. Secondly your image will be off high quality. You might be wondering what will be the advantage of using Photoshop when you have to pay for using the software – use a crack!


This is not a website but an application for creating memes! It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. It also has more than 100s of templates to choose from with an option to upload your own images, numerous options for adding customization in your meme and lastly a lot of options for sharing your meme.

Other than these, Meme Center is also a good tool to create memes.

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