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Top 8 Memes You Can Apply to Anything

Sometimes, you see one meme with a ton of different captions and it applies perfectly to all of them. This is the beauty and the art of meme making – finding an image or video that can be used in multiple ways and be hilarious to millions of people. Here is our list of the top 8 memes that you can change into anything.

Nerdy Vest Guy


I have no idea what else to call this guy, so Nerdy Vest Guy seems most appropriate. This image alone has been used in countless ways to show how truly pathetic this guy seems. It’s hilarious every time, and can be used in pretty much any situation.

Desperate Single Girl


This girl has been cracking us up for a few years now. If you’re ever looking for an image to apply to your single life, or any creepy thing you’ve ever done, this is it. This meme has so many different captions that it’s hours and hours of laughter material if you’re ever in the mood.

Waste of Space Hoodlum


This image just gets funnier and funnier with every caption. People have actually just started cutting out the hat and fur coat to superimpose on to people they consider to be “total wastes of space.” This meme is synonymous with “d-bags” the world over.

Lord of the Rings


You’ve probably seen this clip, both in the Lord of the Rings movies, and online. During the discussion about “walking into Mordor,” Boromir says, “One does not simple walk into Mordor.” That screen shot has been turned into a meme more times than we even know.

Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage is one creepy actor, and this screen shot from one of his movies just proves it. This meme is often used when someone states the obvious, and it gets funnier every time you use it! There is the live picture, and also one that has been traced (we assume for copyright reasons).

Grumpy Cat


This cat may be the King (or Queen?) of all memes – it is even having a movie made about it, stuffed animals, clothes, pillows, coffee cups… This cat is living the “meme” dream. Everyone can relate to his (her?) perpetually grumpy face, thus the meme’s popularity.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


This movie is an old favorite from the early 90’s about two kids who time travel all around. This specific screen shot of Keanu Reeves perfectly embodies the stoner like confusion of a really deep question. Thus the amazingly funny questions that make you feel really bad for anyone who is reading these memes while stoned.

Crazy Professor 


We don’t even know who this guy is, but we know he was on the History Channel for something. He looks crazy, maybe even stoned, and the memes just keep coming. While this one is much more targeted to just one word captions, they’re just as funny as the lengthier posts.

Hello, fellow meme makers and lovers! This website is all about memes, but we decided to take a different approach to them. Like anthropologists, we like to study why a meme is so popular, and what exactly people are making memes about. This very scientific approach to the meme culture is probably a weird way to spend our downtime, but it’s a good thing we’ve got readers who seem to enjoy what we put out there!

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