What Are Internet Memes And Where Did They Come From?

Nowadays, Internet is full of Memes. No matter whatsoever social media are you present in, you are going to find memes there. They have got a lot of appreciation for the way they portray hilarious stuff. There humor is well enjoyed by millions and millions of people. I bet no one even has a glimpse of what really internet meme is and where did they come from and where can we find them. So, here is the breakdown of what you are wondering;

What Is An Internet Meme?

Anything! Literally it is merely an idea or concept that are portrayed with some kind of content them. From photos to videos, from persons to animals, from words to symbols, from actions to beliefs, from fictional characters to real heroes, from songs to movies, and finally gifs. Every such thing can be a meme with some content on it to develop sense of sarcasm or aggression. And then it is shared on social media sides where they receive mass sharing. More often these kind of things are relatable to everyday situations and then they get a lot appreciation and they start getting viral. Viral means more people are sharing them, talking about them may be with some minute changes or some of their own addition. So, when a meme gets viral a lot then they are considered internet memes.

Where Do Internet Memes Come From?

They can come from anywhere! Though each and every meme has its own story. Images and other backgrounds are usually from some common or famous area. It is usually the creator that comes up with a situation and then relates it to a daily or real life situation by adding some content in it. But it is believed the some of the best memes just show up from nowhere and then they take over all the social media sites. It may be the case that someone like the expression of an actor from the movie, then he will capture it and add some caption to it. Finally post it to some meme site like 4chan or Reddit or Tumblr or even you social media accounts.

Where Can I Find Internet Memes?

You will never receive meme updates on your emails and popular news site so if you want to find some internet meme then you have to stay active at your social media networks. Follow some humorous meme pages on Facebook, or follow some accounts on Twitter or Instagram, check out 9gag for new updates and so on. But for real entertainment and stuff you have to go for places that are known to be the origins of memes. For Example, 4chan, Reddit, Tumblr.


Doesn’t matter if the users are not that friendly because other than that this site is best to find some real and new updated internet memes for sure.


Same as 4chan but better community for interaction. It has more visitors than 4chan, who come over daily to look upon hilarious stuff.


The memes that have made it to 4chan and Reddit, they are finally going to be at Tumblr may be even with in few minutes. Added functionality is that it also is a blogging platform.

Hello, fellow meme makers and lovers! This website is all about memes, but we decided to take a different approach to them. Like anthropologists, we like to study why a meme is so popular, and what exactly people are making memes about. This very scientific approach to the meme culture is probably a weird way to spend our downtime, but it’s a good thing we’ve got readers who seem to enjoy what we put out there!

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